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Thank you so much for all of your help last week! We had a WONDERFUL wedding and honeymoon!


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St. Margaret Church

St. Margaret Church

St. Margaret ChurchSt. Margaret church is part of the Brevnov monastery, which is the oldest and very first monastery in the Czech lands. Brevnov monastery is a Benedictine friary that was founded in the year 993. In the 11th century a first church was build in the monastery and its crypt is preserved below the existing St. Margaret basilica till today. The church along with the monastery was rebuilt in the 18th century to its baroque presence. Due to the works of the most renowned artists of the era, an artistically valued and admired complex of housing structures along with a garden was created. In 1993, the Pope John Paul II. endowed it with a title of arch-abbacy, to commemorate the 1000 years of the monastery.

Capacity: approx. 100 seated guests